A downloadable game for Windows

In this puzzle game you get a look inside the head of a game developer as he goes to the creative process of making one.

Be ready for a short but intense game which is avant-garde, it's style unique and a bit quirky but also a smooth ride from start to finish. Or more accurate: a trip :D

The game consists of both visual and textual riddles and point & click elements. For the latter it uses a two-button interface where left mouse click looks at things and right mouse click interacts.

Average play time: 20 minutes.

Install instructions

Extract the zip in a folder on your hard drive.

Run "Setup.exe" to configure how the game will run (for instance windowed or full screen).

Run "On Room.exe" to play the game.

Press Ctrl+C during the game to quit. Progress will not be saved though.


OneRoom_v2.zip 19 MB